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Mono Systems

For those searching for hair replacement options, monofilament hair systems – called “mono systems” – are an excellent and popular choice when it comes to getting that full, silky, natural look back. Monofilament system wigs, toppers, and falls consist of a monofilament base that is light and breathable, yet strong enough to take the weight of human or synthetic hair, and the wear and tear of washing and styling, and daily use with ease.

Mono has one of the most durable base materials for wigs and this helps create a more durable base design. Another aspect which will come up, in the long run, is that the strings of mono material are very tight, which creates tiny holes. This further lets skin oil and hair conditioner residue often find their way into the holes, making it a bit challenging to clean the hair replacement products. That’s why it is advised to take proper care of the hairpiece to prevent the hair roots from being eaten away by any of the hair oil or hair product residues. Also, please note that mono cannot be used as the edge for the hairpieces. It needs PU or other materials since mono can easily be frayed.

Maintenance is as easy as a simple color-friendly shampoo with gentle washing, air-drying or using a blow dryer on the lowest temperature setting. Style as wished with curlers and other accessories. These durable hair pieces are popular among both men and women, and offers a salon-perfect look when professionally washed and styled – so it can be a good idea to have two!

Creating the best monofilament hair replacement systems means starting out with the best quality materials. Using Postiche Company as a preferred manufacturer, high-quality materials, and top-shelf customer service to address all concerns. With an extensive inventory and working knowledge .

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