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Hair Integration Systems

One-third of women experience alopecia—what is commonly known as hair loss—at some point in their lives and about two-thirds of women after menopause suffer thinning hair and bald spots. However, because the condition is less socially acceptable for women, going bald can severely affect their emotional well-being and quality of life. For women are undergoing stages of hair loss, with all types of thinning hair, finding hair replacement solutions is as close as picking out a beautiful wig or topper. Hair replacement surgery is painful and expensive, and the grafts may have a failure rate as high as 80 percent. Browse through hair integration systems for painless and convenient hair replacement solutions.

What is hair integration?
Human hair integration systems provide an alternative to surgical methods, as well as a more natural look than traditional wigs and hairpieces. When a consumer still has some degree of their natural hair remaining, this hair can be integrated into the hairpiece to create a seamless, organic look that is more flattering and more secure. This can be done through clips, elasticized bands, temporary adhesives such as heated keratin fibers, or manually braiding or threading the hair into the hairpiece. The weave of the hairpiece’s netting can be made wider or denser, depending on the thickness or thinness of the wearer’s remaining hair and their needs in terms of adhering the wig to their head. Hair integration saves many people – specifically women – from dealing with either the pain and side effects of surgery or the inconvenience of everyday, full wig wear.

Is this right for all types of hair loss?
For those with thinning hair, a receding hairline, or patchy hair loss, then this is an ideal solution. Some wigs may inhibit the growth of hair. It’s secure and versatile, which makes it suitable for those who have a busy and active lifestyle. It’s also completely undetectable, and with proper adhesive the hairpiece can stay on though wind, weather, and activity – even overnight. People are always surprised at how versatile hair integration wigs can be. Browse through our products and see what you will be excited about.

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